Summer Menu


Garlic bread, Roasted baguette with garlic butter, balsamic vinegar and a tomato salad. 85kr

Toast Skagen, A Swedish classic we serve on a salad bed with homemade mayonnaise, shrimp, tomato, lemon topped with sirloin. 129kr

Escargot, Gratinated with garlic butter served with homemade bread. 109kr

Main courses
Fish and vegetarian

Swedish artic char, fresh potatoes, herb hollandaise sauce & pickled vegetables, 259kr

Citrus & dill rhymed salmon, with seasonal blanched vegetables and horseradish & chablis sauce. 235kr

Oven baked cauliflower, truffles, pickled vegetables and herb oil, 179kr


“Plank steak”, beef fillet, homemade bearnaise sauce, pomme duchesse, mushrooms, bacon wrapped asparagus. 269kr

Deer, root fruit gratin, murel mushroom sauce and colorful accessories. 279kr

Schnitzel. Spice butter (lemon, caper & anjovis), fried potatoes and peas. 169kr

Lemon and herb baked chicken, served with herb and garlic potatoes and red wine sauce. 179kr


Vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries. 99kr

Vitchoklad mousse, served on raspberry sauce 99kr

Gino, Gratinated berries topped with white chocolate and vanilla ice cream 99kr

Chocolate truffle, made with love 49kr